Midea Gas Furnaces MGH96 SERIES 96% AFUE GAS FURNACES MGV96U080B3C

MGH96 SERIES: High-Efficiency Gas Furnace Introducing the MGH96 SERIES Furnace, crafted with durable aluminized steel to ensure...
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MGH96 SERIES: High-Efficiency Gas Furnace

Introducing the MGH96 SERIES Furnace, crafted with durable aluminized steel to ensure longevity and reliability. Featuring a hot-surface ignition for consistent and dependable operation, this furnace is engineered for versatility and efficiency. Compatible with both natural gas and propane, it's designed for multi-position installation to fit any home layout. Perfect for those seeking a high-quality heating solution that offers quiet operation and ease of service.

Durability and Reliability

  • Equipped with a high-quality aluminized steel tubular heat exchanger and a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger for enhanced longevity and performance.
  • The two-stage gas valve optimizes fuel efficiency and comfort by adjusting the rate of gas flow, ensuring consistent warmth and reducing energy consumption.

Quiet Comfort and Control

  • Features a quiet multi-speed ECM circulator blower motor, providing precise control over airflow and ensuring whisper-quiet operation for enhanced indoor comfort.
  • Control board with self-diagnostics and a low-voltage terminal block simplifies troubleshooting and ensures reliable operation.

Installation Flexibility

  • Convertible design allows for easy switching between natural gas and propane, offering flexibility in fuel choice based on availability and cost.
  • Designed for multi-position installation (upflow, horizontal), this furnace fits seamlessly into a variety of spaces and configurations. Industry-standard cabinet sizes facilitate easy replacement and add-on cooling.

User Convenience

  • Offers convenient left or right connections for gas and electric service, simplifying the installation process and maintenance access.
  • Includes a removable bottom for side or bottom return applications, providing greater installation flexibility and ease of service.

Specification Value
AFUE Rating 96%
Heating Capacity (BTU/h) 40,000 - 120,000
Fuel Type Natural Gas / Propane Convertible
Blower Motor Type ECM Multi-Speed
Electrical Requirements 115V, 60Hz
Temperature Rise Range (°F) 30 - 70
Sound Pressure Level (dB) Depends on model & installation
Dimensions (HxWxD) Varies by model
Weight (lbs) 135 - 190

Gree Error Codes

  • E1 - Compressor high pressure protection
  • E3 - Compressor low pressure protection
  • E4 - Compressor air discharge high-temperature protection
  • F2 - Condenser temperature sensor error
  • F3 - Outdoor ambient temperature sensor error
  • F4 - Discharge temperature sensor error
  • F6 - ODU tube temperature sensor error
  • EE - ODU memory chip error
  • H4 - Overload
  • H5 - IPM protection
  • H6 - DC fan error
  • H7 - Driver out-of-step protection
  • HC - Pfc protection
  • Lc - Startup failure
  • P0 - Driver reset protection
  • P5 - Over-current protection
  • P6 - Master control and driver communication error
  • P7 - Driver module sensor error
  • P8 - Driver module high temperature protection
  • PA - AC current protection
  • Pc - Driver current error
  • PL - Bus low-voltage protection
  • PH - Bus high-voltage protection
  • PU - Charge loop error
  • ee - Drive memory chip error
  • e1 - High pressure sensor error
  • C4 - ODU jumper cap error

Midea Error Codes

  • E3 - Combined water outlet temperature sensor error
  • E4 - Water outlet temperature sensor error
  • 1E5 - Air side heat exchanger refrigerant outlet temperature sensor T3A error
  • E7 - Outdoor ambient temperature sensor error
  • 2Eb - Water side heat exchanger anti-freezing temperature sensor Taf2 error
  • 1Ed - Discharge pipe temperature sensor of system A error
  • 2Ed - Discharge pipe temperature sensor of system B error
  • EF - Water inlet temperature sensor error
  • EP - Discharge pipe temperature sensor failure alarm
  • EU - Air side heat exchanger refrigerant total outlet temperature sensor Tz/7 error
  • 1F9 - Inverter module temperature sensor (Tfin1) error
  • 2F9 - Inverter module temperature sensor (Tfin2) error
  • Fb - Pressure sensor error
  • Fd - Air suction temperature sensor error
  • All stop running
  • Error code is displayed on main PCB and user interface

Error Documentation

Midea Error Codes

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