GREE, FLEXX AH 16, 16 SEER, High ESP, Top & Horizontal Flow, Air Handler Unit, 30KBTU, 208/1/60, IDU, GUD30AH2/D-D(U)

SUBMITTAL DATA FLEXX 16 SERIES: GUD30AH2/D-D(U) Experience exceptional comfort and convenience with our Inverter U-Match Series Air...
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Experience exceptional comfort and convenience with our Inverter U-Match Series Air Conditioners. Combining central air conditioner comfort with the easy installation of mini split units, these air conditioners feature a corrosion-resistant pre-painted steel casing and a low-noise compressor with advanced protections. Enjoy efficient cooling with the hydrophilic aluminum fin and inner groove copper pipe condenser coil.

Energy Efficiency

  • FLEXX 16 SERIES 30K inverter u-match series - offer high operating efficiency and cost efficiency
  • Achieved UL certificate - meet different requirements from customers

Home Comfort

  • Connect supply-air outlets to duct - make the temperature and humidity even in room
  • Units with filters - easily accessible from the rear of the unit

Convenient Operation

  • Flexible Installation - Air-supply or air-return type, condensation water exit direction etc can be selected flexibly
  • Easy Maintenance - evaporator coils are constructed of quality inner groove copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum fin

Reliable Function

  • Timer and time display - customizable timer settings for convenient operation
  • Temperature - °F/°C switch, temperature display, E-heater, temperature compensation
  • Others - Memory, 4-way valve energizing

Warranty Coverage

Airtek/Gress proudly backs all their models with a robust manufacturer's warranty. This comprehensive warranty spans an impressive 10 years, safeguarding your investment. Rest assured, any warranty claims you may have will be efficiently handled by Airtek/Gress's, guaranteeing top-tier customer support and satisfaction. The 10-year warranty encompasses the compressor, while other parts enjoy coverage for 5 years. With this warranty, you can trust in the long-term protection of your purchase, ensuring you receive the utmost quality.

Cooling 28600 Btu/h
Heating 28600 Btu/h
Power Input
Cooling 2.86 kW
Heating 2.86 kW
SEER 15.20
HSPF2 7.80
Indoor Unit GUD30AH2/D-D(U)
Power Supply 208/230V-1Ph-60Hz
Drive Direct
Motor Output 0.37 kW
Air Flow 1530 m(900 CFM)
Rated Ext. Static Pressure 125 Pa (0.50 InWg)
Ext. Static Pressure Range 0-250 Pa (0-1.0 InWg)
Sound Pressure Level (H/ML) 51 dB(A)
Air Filter Metal
Drain Piping 25.4•1.2 mm (1•0.05 inch)
Outline Dimensions (WxDxH) 460•540•1105 mm (18-1/8•21-1/4•43-1/2 inch)
Net Weight 57.0 kg (125.7 lb)

Gree Error Codes

  • E1 - Compressor high pressure protection
  • E3 - Compressor low pressure protection
  • E4 - Compressor air discharge high-temperature protection
  • F2 - Condenser temperature sensor error
  • F3 - Outdoor ambient temperature sensor error
  • F4 - Discharge temperature sensor error
  • F6 - ODU tube temperature sensor error
  • EE - ODU memory chip error
  • H4 - Overload
  • H5 - IPM protection
  • H6 - DC fan error
  • H7 - Driver out-of-step protection
  • HC - Pfc protection
  • Lc - Startup failure
  • P0 - Driver reset protection
  • P5 - Over-current protection
  • P6 - Master control and driver communication error
  • P7 - Driver module sensor error
  • P8 - Driver module high temperature protection
  • PA - AC current protection
  • Pc - Driver current error
  • PL - Bus low-voltage protection
  • PH - Bus high-voltage protection
  • PU - Charge loop error
  • ee - Drive memory chip error
  • e1 - High pressure sensor error
  • C4 - ODU jumper cap error

Midea Error Codes

  • E3 - Combined water outlet temperature sensor error
  • E4 - Water outlet temperature sensor error
  • 1E5 - Air side heat exchanger refrigerant outlet temperature sensor T3A error
  • E7 - Outdoor ambient temperature sensor error
  • 2Eb - Water side heat exchanger anti-freezing temperature sensor Taf2 error
  • 1Ed - Discharge pipe temperature sensor of system A error
  • 2Ed - Discharge pipe temperature sensor of system B error
  • EF - Water inlet temperature sensor error
  • EP - Discharge pipe temperature sensor failure alarm
  • EU - Air side heat exchanger refrigerant total outlet temperature sensor Tz/7 error
  • 1F9 - Inverter module temperature sensor (Tfin1) error
  • 2F9 - Inverter module temperature sensor (Tfin2) error
  • Fb - Pressure sensor error
  • Fd - Air suction temperature sensor error
  • All stop running
  • Error code is displayed on main PCB and user interface

Error Documentation

Midea Error Codes

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