GREE, CHARMO19, 19 SEER, Inverter Heat Pump, 09KBTU, 208/1/60, ODU, GWH09ATCXB-D3DNA1A/O

SUBMITTAL DATA CHARMO 19 SERIES: GWH09ATCXB-D3DNA1A/O The Charmo Series‚ Indulge in ultimate tranquility within your home with...
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The Charmo Series‚ Indulge in ultimate tranquility within your home with the all-new VITA heat pump. This compact, stylish, and elegant series is specifically designed to offer reliable and energy-efficient comfort for you and your family throughout the year.

Energy Efficiency

  • The highlight feature of the Charmo Series is the integration of G10 Inverter Technology, which guarantees swift attainment of your desired ambient temperature while minimizing energy usage.
  • Contribute to a greener environment with the use of eco-friendly R410A refrigerant.


Home Comfort

  • Enjoy customizable airflow with multiple fan speed options.
  • Enhanced efficiency and noise reduction with a compressor blanket and preheating technology.


Convenient Operation

  • Take control with ease using the VITA's built-in smart WiFi functionality. By utilizing the GREE+ app, you can conveniently operate your equipment from your cell phone or tablet, no matter where you are, as long as you have WiFi access. Stay connected and experience the convenience of smart control with the VITA series.
  • Easily adjust settings with the adjustable LED display for added convenience.
  • Maintain clean and fresh air with washable dust filters that are easy to clean and maintain.


Reliable Function

  • Benefit from a durable and robust construction with the heavy gauge steel cabinet.
  • Experience hassle-free start-up with low voltage capability.
  • Benefit from enhanced corrosion resistance with fins coated in an anti-corrosion layer.


Warranty Coverage

Airtek/Gress proudly backs all their models with a robust manufacturer's warranty. This comprehensive warranty spans an impressive 10 years, safeguarding your investment. Rest assured, any warranty claims you may have will be efficiently handled by Airtek/Gress's, guaranteeing top-tier customer support and satisfaction. The 10-year warranty encompasses the compressor, while other parts enjoy coverage for 5 years. With this warranty, you can trust in the long-term protection of your purchase, ensuring you receive the utmost quality.

Item Parameter
Voltage 230/208 Volts
Nominal Cooling Capacity -9100 (BTU/hr)
Min. – Max. Cooling Capacity 820 - 3018 W (2800 - 10300 BTU/hr)
Nominal Heating Capacity -10000 (BTU/hr)
Min. – Max. Heating Capacity 655 - 3575 W (2200 - 12200 BTU/hr)
Used Cooling Power Input 805 W
Min. – Max. Cooling Power Input 180 - 1350 W
Used Heating Power Input 781 W
Min. – Max. Heating Power Input 150 - 1450 W
Used Rated Input 1450 W
Rated Current 6.5 A
MCA (Max. Current Amps) 9 A
Max. Over-Current Protection (MOCP) 15 A
SEER2 (SEER) 19.5 (19.5)
HSPF2 (HSPF) 8.8 (10)
EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) 3.3 W/W
COP (Coefficient of Performance) 3.75 W/W
AHRI Number 209271943
Indoor Unit  
Dehumidification 1.69 (0.80) pt/hr (l/hr)
Air Flow Volume 353 / 282.5 / 264.8 / 229.5 cfm (211.86 / 194.2 / 158.8)
Sound Level 51 / 47 / 44 / 42 dB (A) (41 / 38 / 36)
Fan Motor Power Output 20 W
Fan Motor RLA (Rated Load Amps) 0.3 A
Deflector Stepper Motor Power Output 1.5 W
Net Weight 19.8 lb (9 kg)
Outdoor Unit  
Air Flow Volume 1950 m3/hr
Sound Level 51 dB (A)
Compressor Power Input 756 W
Compressor LRA - A
Compressor RLA 5.2 A
Fan Motor Power Output 30 W
Fan Motor RLA (Rated Load Amps) 0.4 A
Refrigerant Volume (R410A) 24.7 oz (700 g)
Net Weight 56.22 lb (25.5 kg)
Operating Ambient Temperature  
Cooling °C (°F)
Heating °C (°F)
Connection Piping/Refrigerant  
Pre-charge Length 25 ft. (7.5 m)
Additional Refrigerant Charge 0.2 oz/ft. (20 g/m)
Liquid Pipe Outer Diameter 44930 in.
Gas Pipe Outer Diameter 44993 in.
Maximum height difference 33 (10) ft. (m)
Maximum total length 66 (20) ft. (m)

Gree Error Codes

  • E1 - Compressor high pressure protection
  • E3 - Compressor low pressure protection
  • E4 - Compressor air discharge high-temperature protection
  • F2 - Condenser temperature sensor error
  • F3 - Outdoor ambient temperature sensor error
  • F4 - Discharge temperature sensor error
  • F6 - ODU tube temperature sensor error
  • EE - ODU memory chip error
  • H4 - Overload
  • H5 - IPM protection
  • H6 - DC fan error
  • H7 - Driver out-of-step protection
  • HC - Pfc protection
  • Lc - Startup failure
  • P0 - Driver reset protection
  • P5 - Over-current protection
  • P6 - Master control and driver communication error
  • P7 - Driver module sensor error
  • P8 - Driver module high temperature protection
  • PA - AC current protection
  • Pc - Driver current error
  • PL - Bus low-voltage protection
  • PH - Bus high-voltage protection
  • PU - Charge loop error
  • ee - Drive memory chip error
  • e1 - High pressure sensor error
  • C4 - ODU jumper cap error

Midea Error Codes

  • E3 - Combined water outlet temperature sensor error
  • E4 - Water outlet temperature sensor error
  • 1E5 - Air side heat exchanger refrigerant outlet temperature sensor T3A error
  • E7 - Outdoor ambient temperature sensor error
  • 2Eb - Water side heat exchanger anti-freezing temperature sensor Taf2 error
  • 1Ed - Discharge pipe temperature sensor of system A error
  • 2Ed - Discharge pipe temperature sensor of system B error
  • EF - Water inlet temperature sensor error
  • EP - Discharge pipe temperature sensor failure alarm
  • EU - Air side heat exchanger refrigerant total outlet temperature sensor Tz/7 error
  • 1F9 - Inverter module temperature sensor (Tfin1) error
  • 2F9 - Inverter module temperature sensor (Tfin2) error
  • Fb - Pressure sensor error
  • Fd - Air suction temperature sensor error
  • All stop running
  • Error code is displayed on main PCB and user interface

Error Documentation

Midea Error Codes

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